A mutant bird, called Comed Ian, is tweeting from the future


I hate computers and hate those sophisticated soft-whatevers running on their hard-whatevers. They don’t realise when I am just kidding. Today I registered my old self on Youtube with a new name: Comed Ian. Soon after the system greeted me as “Comed”, which I didn’t receive well. It made me kind of sad. Somehow I can’t picture myself with this weird name. In addition: it’s a wrong use of the past tense of the verb. Very wrong.

I do have a major issue with Twitter, too. It gets a lonely place when you spend some time. You are waiting for some tweets back and they aren’t coming. No, I am not needy – I am just social. Very. And I am also honest. Very.

Some of my lonely tweets from today:

I love to tweet to you guys. I am a real bird. I tweet back if you tweet at me. 1 hour ago

RT @RichGangJosh: man i want a puppy 1 hour ago

RT @brentnhunter: You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Abe Lincoln #occupywallstreet 1 hour ago

I gave up negativity by birth, this is why I sense this world as what it is: a negative place. 1 hour ago

If I could forget the future, or if the future would look good, I could live in the present 1 hour ago

You guys are tweeting so many great tweets, today, I can’t catch up. Love ye all : ) 1 hour ago

If only I could forget the future for a moment. 1 hour ago

RT @weresoinspired: “Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit” ~ Mary Lou Retton 2 hours ago

RT @Kallisti: Looks like I’ll be at the National Conference for Media Reform in a couple weeks! \o/ conference.freepress.net #NCMR13 2 hours ago

RT @thequotemaster: Strange that creatures without backbones have the hardest shells. -Kahlil Gibran qotd.be/8d #quote 2 hours ago

Unrelated posts: Oh, Ham let me down: how I lost it today on Twitter. Such fun, everyone!


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