Sticky: “Animated Blogger Comedians” award: name the funniest gag you have recently bumped into

Fun for bloggers & other animated animals

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On this blog we have an ongoing competition for the goofy ABC award:

“Animated Blogger Comedians”

Send me an email with a link to the funny gag that you would like to nominate for the title.

The nominated gag can be anything you found funny: a whole blog post or a part of it, a short story, a simple joke, a real story, a link to a video (on youtube or elsewhere), etc.

The competition never ends. The awarded gags will be reblogged or reposted here.

The awards and the links to the awarded gags are posted on the sidebar!

(Note: please refrain from nominating inappropriate material)


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If you have something goofy to share, this is the place:

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