My tribute to a real mother: sea-otter mom with her kid napping on her tummy

Motto: “A mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.” ~ Emily Dickinson

Indeed. Now let’s imagine when that person, one’s mother, is the one who betrays the child and gives him/her all the trouble in the world. Not an easy thing to imagine, I grant it, let alone survive the reality of it.

As an adult child of such a mother, some time ago I tried to express this inexpressible phenomenon in a poem, which I have reposted today on my other blog: “No more you are” – farewell to a narcissistic mother

Below is the cheery part of this post, which I repost today as my tribute to all real Mothers of the world.

The video of this sea-otter Mom is a most heart-touching record of motherhood, showing a Mother’s alertness to protect her kid against all potential troubles we human observers may impose.

OMG – you gawking!

Oh, boy, you still at it!

Still at the computer? Get off, already!