Hello :) from my child-self


animated-smileys-computer-14                 Hello, there!

thankyou             Thank you for stopping by!

loveshower                Here are some idle smilies about me. I am:

122fs329172       an adult-like child of a narcissistic family
chase        a childlike adult of our narcissistic society

puppet-smiley      a product of the globalised world, torn out of my homeland

animated-smileys-aliens-001                            an alien in the human universe, not by choice, but by necessity

th_running1                  an emigrant & immigrant   th_running1  shunned for both   Just_Cuz_15

47b20s0                 a rebel against my toxic family & the toxic world we live in

animated-smileys-angels-020               don’t believe that we should make peace with what there is

icare                believe in creating a world that would be the best for all of us

animated-smileys-hello-34                     am loaded with an unhealthy doze of self-irony

laughing-dog-smiley-emoticon           am nuts about laughter and obsessed with gifs

thankyou roll         Thank you for reading this! If I made you smile that made my day!


9 thoughts on “Hello :) from my child-self

  1. The cute sticky on the Top has decoyed me, and I like your smiliys. Before I follow your inviting to a ‘serious’ talk – may I ask you how old you are, just in generall terms like teenager, medium or ancient ;-)

  2. Thank you for your reply and for the question. :)
    My age and other personal details are not necessarily relevant for a friendship. :)
    To be more unprecise: it feels as if I am less than five yet more than 500. Please feel free to share anything about you!

  3. Having looked at quiet a few posts on your blog I can definitely see your gif obsession, but not all obsessions are bad it seems because you put yours to great use :)
    And yes, you made me smile.

    • Hello English Gardener :)
      I am very glad and honoured to welcome you here and that my blog made you smile. Thank you so much for visiting, for the likes and the inspiring replies.


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